I'm Kate - a freelance photographer, videographer and writer, based in Melbourne.

^^^ Photography by local honey and all-round legend - Miranda Stokkel. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’˜




Dadโ€™s words, โ€œYou make your own luck in this world,โ€ have stayed pretty close to home all these years. I like that it warns to be cautious so as not to attract bad luck, but also itโ€™s a giant kick up the butt if you want to live a good, happy life and make things happen.


Itโ€™s quite a mouthful to say, โ€˜Iโ€™m a photographer, videographer and a writerโ€™. Maybe Iโ€™m a content producer? I shoot and edit video content for Mushroom Group, LNWY, BONDS & The Urban List. I write and snap for Broadsheet & Concrete Playground and regularly take photos for local businesses I love, like St David Dairy and Bricklane Brewery. Itโ€™s damn unpredictable and a bit all over the shop, but thatโ€™s how I like it. To slow me down I love to bake sourdough and write puns, so rye not meander to my cheeky lil bread biz, @cometobreadwithme...


Why am I good? Because I care... a shitload. On the surface I may be a bundle of laughs, but underneath that I'm deadly serious about the work I create and the people I create it for. I always try to bring a fresh perspective to each project (not just create content for the sake of it, copy others or simply because Iโ€™m paid to). For me, this isnโ€™t just a job. My work connects me with fascinating people doing fascinating things and to me, thatโ€™s magic.


I completed a Bachelor of Environments at Melbourne Uni and later studied a Master of Creative Media at RMIT. I worked at Pacific Magazines and We Make Online Videos before breaking out on my own in 2015. I have no bloody idea whatโ€™s coming up next and while I know that may rattle some people, I couldnโ€™t find it more exciting.


Please do get in touch and say hey! Would absolutely love to hear from you. Much loaf x


+61 418 394 364





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