I'm Kate - a freelance photographer, videographer and writer, based in Melbourne.

^^^ Photography by local honey and all-round legend - Miranda Stokkel. 🍑💘




From an early age dad made it clear that, “You make your own luck in this world”. It’s something that’s stuck with me and maybe explains why I never stop looking for opportunities and new experiences.


Saying I’m a photographer, videographer and writer is a bloody mouthful. It gets worse when I explain I film & edit for Mushroom Group, BONDS & The Urban List, and write & snap for Broadsheet and Concrete Playground... I’m mostly in the Food & Drink and Lifestyle areas, but I’ll take on anything that feels right in Fashion, Travel, Weddings - whatever! It’s damn unpredictable and sometimes a bit much, but that’s how I like it. I also have a lil sourdough side hustle: @cometobreadwithme...


Why am I good? Because I care... a shitload and I can’t help it. On the surface I may be a bundle of laughs, but underneath I'm deadly serious about the work I create and the people I create it for. I try to bring a fresh perspective to every project - not just to create content for the sake of it or for the money. For me, the real beauty of photography and videography is capturing in the moment, so live events are usually where it’s at for me.


I grew up in Hong Kong and returned home for high school at Camberwell Girls Grammar. I’m now not sure how or why, but I completed a Bachelor of Environments at Melbourne Uni. Then later studied a Master of Creative Media at RMIT, which made a bit more sense. I gained full-time industry experience at Pacific Magazines and We Make Online Videos before breaking out on my own some time in 2015. Since then, all sorts of crazy fun jobs have come and gone and who bloody knows what’s coming up (because I certainly don’t).


Please do get in touch and say hey! Would absolutely love to hear from you. Much loaf x


+61 418 394 364





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